Baq talent management

Hi i'm Phil. I'm a voice actor who helps creative people's projects sound great and share their stories with the world. I love working with Production houses, Indie Game studios, TV studios, Advertising agencies, Marketing agencies and Casting directors. It is amazing how a voice can connect with people emotionally. It's my job to tell your stories and make them sound so compelling that your audience listen to your every word. I have had the tremendous pleasure of narrating for Jaeger-LeCoultré, Adidas and Glaxosmithkline. I have played major NPC characters for NeocoreGames Warhammer40K-Inquisitor Martyr and other characters for video games. I have voiced corporate animations for Sainsburys and the London Underground and many more. With genuine respect and reliability I go above and beyond to ensure you get the performance you need every time .This drives me to be the best and to be your go-to-middle-aged-male-english-voiceover. Specialises: Voice Acting, Broadcast Quality

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