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Iveta Drulyte

Ballet Teacher in SHORT FILM, directed by Sofie Hegre Olsen, Regent’s University Project Hanna in WEIRD AMNESIA (SHORT FILM), by Ali, Project ? Hello Bank employee in UNEXPERIENCED, by Julius Paulikas, Film Jam STAGE

Chalmers, waiter in SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR, by Arvydas Lebeliunas, Vilniaus Mazasis Teatras Crazy Fan in BREAK OUT, by Georgia Nelson, Kerala Irwin, The Donald Roy Theatre Clown ‘Papoi’ in ART OF IDIOCY, by Louise Peacock, The Donald Roy Theatre TELEVISION Student on drugs in What’s Up TV S15, by Bob Clarke, Licklemor Productions Restraining nurse in DARK HEART SERIES 1, by Colin Teague, Silverprint Pictures Madam, secretary in ZMONES, KURIE SUKURE LIETUVA, by Alvydas Slepikasm, Singingfish Camille (lead) in GYVENIMISKOS ISTORIJOS, by Romual Lawrynowicz, VRS Nurse in RESIDENTS, by Ramunas Rudokas, Videometra COMMERCIAS Main character in DRINK LESS BUT BETTER, by Eliad Lienhardt, Met Film School Bank employee in HSBC CORPORATE Santa’s helper in DOVANU KALEDOSKOPAS OZE, by PC Ozas Girl at the bar in LABAS, by Daniel Bruce, Grandma

MUSIC VIDEOS Lead in GS Samuel – Deeper Music Video, by Tom Branwell Choir singer/Backing vocalist in JESS AND THE BANDITS MUSIC VIDEO ‘SISTER’, by Richard Perry


Accents & Dialects: British (RP), American (Standard), Russian, Eastern European