Baq talent management

Training- 2012-2015
Naomi Wynter

 Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts  BA (Hons) Performance  

National Youth Theatre Summer Course 2019 


2019- Morph Leanne Mandi Chivasa Independent

2019- Di, Viv and Rose Viv Jimmy Walters The Bloom Academy 2017 - Man From Earth Linda Murphy Bob Chandlers South London Theatre

2016- Miss Glossop Comes to Tea Christine Ben Elder Stanley Halls Theatre

2016- Tofurkey Day Angie Allie Costa Workers Beer

2016- Conversations with God Amanda Jess Espin-Thurger Uxbridge Theatre

2015- The Wedding Singer Julia Gulia Stacey Williams Aelfa Centuri Theatre

2015- Hamlet Guildenstern Stacey Williams Aelfa Centuri theatre 2015- Lines of Vision Elisandra Bridgid Dohrey Aelfa Centuri Theatre

2014- Rent Mimi Rodgriguez Stacey Williams Aelfa Centuri Theatre 2014- Rhesus Diomeidies/Muse Stacey Williams Aelfa Centuri Theatre

2013- Cinderella Cinderella Kate Stanford Moon Hall Primary

2013- Celebration Town Multi Role Andrew Hayler Aelfa Centuri Theatre

2013- The tempest Multi Role Simon Naylor Aelfa Centuri Theatre 2012- Digestive System Multi Role Kate Stanford Moon Hall Primary 2012- Little Shop of Horrors Ronnette Ian Beasley Aelfa Centuri Theatre 

Further Credits 

2019- Comic Relief Segment (bus passenger) Harry Hitchens Hitch Ventures LTD

2019- Faith Sienna (refugee) Ashley Chin Faith Film LTD

2018- Interracial Encounter Michelle Katriana Constantinidou Fully Focused

2018- Love Notes Reanne Zainab Hussian Fully Focused

2018- Anthony Amber Vanessa Thomas Feature Film Productions 2017- Contraception (Commercial) Lisa Isaure and Serena Bird Atomised Studios

2017- Next Winnie Lawson Hugo Wood Beeches Productions

2016- Paddington 2 Joy Paul King Heyday Films

2013- Mis-Identity Demi Anthony Boakey-Mensah Stepping Stonez Pro 

Skills: Accents: RP, London (southern) American (southern and standard), New York, Cockney, Liverpool (scouce), Australian Vocal Range: Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, Ensemble Dance Capabilities: basic in ballet, contemporary, hip hop