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Joyce Weiss Evans

Hair: Long –  strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Green.

Skin: White with freckles.

Work Experience

2017 “Older Grad Students” Actress of the cast. Play of black comedy created by  Wanda Fontela and Ana Dimouglas. Theatre: El Porteño.

2016 Play in Theatre Cervantes ´The Idiots´ of Iván Olivares. Directed by José Valcárcel.

2016 “Girls in risky situations” Show  multidisciplinary of theatre–dance against violence of gender and femicide. (Theatres, Shows and Cultural Events.)

2015 "Two Womens" Theatre Rome Avellaneda.

2015 "Moon", Theatre Tarot from Darío Sotor. (La Lunares Theatre)

2014 "Bitches,  the fierce adolescence” From Claudio Pérsico (Artemisa productions)    

2014  Romeo & Juliet From William Shakespeare in the Zoo of Buenos Aires "Escenomadas" 

2013 Assistant director of Leonel Napoli in "White Nights", From Fiódor Dostoyevski).

2012 "Romeo and Juliet" Of William Shakespeare, Theatre- London. Character: Juliet  (UK).

2011 "300 millons" of Roberto Arlt. Theatre Andamio 90' Character: (Main actress) The Servant . Directed by: Natacha Paula Delgado.


2017 Video clip “Fragile” participation as the main actress  from Paella Virgen. Directed by Pablo Desanzo.

2016 Video Clip english cut as the main actress for Believen “BetterLife”. Production from BeraPro Audiovisuals.

2016 Video Clip “Girls in risky situations” Show  multidisciplinary of theatre–dance against violence of gender and femicide (Gerlywood Producciones)

2016 Video Clip from Claudio Ledda"Girls do what they want".

2013 Video Clip from Crush, video " FUNKY LOVE" MINIMAL PRODUCTIONS.  

2012 Comercial Crisis at Christmas For "Crisis" (UK,)

2011 Video clip From Overdose, song  "Lost Steps II". Directed by: Mariano Cattaneo.

2010 Commercial Pepsi Music "Red Hot Chili Peppers" (RiverPlate).

2009 Commercial Sprite: "Follow the wrong impulse" (Shaving).

2008 Video clip from Nativo, song "Without  Course”,directed by: Pablo Kurday.


2017 Short Film “Rupture” Participation as the main actress. Directed by: Sebastián Cerutti.

2016 Short Film “Layla” Participation as the main actress. Directed by: Laura Gorordo.

2016 Film “Crystalline Look” participation as an actress. Directed by:Toyboys, Inc.Movies

2015 Film " Before we give up, we were eternal" Directed by: Luis Calvillo.

2014 Short Film (adaptation) from story "The track of the golden teeth" from Roberto Arlt for Channel 7.

2014  Web Series "THE GAUCHITO GIL" Main Character "Laura" for Osom Channel. 

2014 Short Film "They stole the Moon" Directed by: Romina Sastre.

2014 "Anastacia"  Photo Story Directed by: Nancy Martínez.

2014  Abstract Video One minute film Directed/Production: Florencia Castro, Yanina Ibáñez.


2017- Channel13 Pilot  “What Channel We Watch” with Group Get together. Participation as an actresss and  T.V Host. 

2017-  Participation in  Channel13 ‘ALL OR NOTHING’  With Guido kaczka.

2009 Interviewer for presenting video clips in CM ,THE CHANNEL OF MUSIC. 


2018 Fashion film For  VCP Cinematic FILMS. Director: Diego Herman.

2017  Fashion  one minute video Production: Hernán Lairihon, Martin Ortega, Patricia Gramajo, CailaSzczygiel, Darío Elcosti Costilla – Motivarte  Make up. Mariela Ortega.

2016 “BuonaEstetika 2016" Image Production in charge of: Sol Cerini.

2015 "BuonaEstetika 2015" Image Production in charge of: Sol Sol Cerini.

2014 Framesi ItalianNight, Fashion Show in Piazzolla Tango.

2012 London Olimpic Games  Production in Tower Bridge for the Olimpic Games.

2011 Essential Look  in Paseo La Plaza, for Schwarzkopf Professional  Argentina.

2011 Essential Looks for Schwarzkopf Professional Argentina in the SHERATON PILAR. 





Shows in events. (Presently)

“Revolver Girl” Singer and dancer. Show  multidisciplinary of theatre–dance against violence of gender and femicide.  (Theatres, Shows and Cultural Events.) 2016

Event Childrens Day in North Park. Character: Queen of Hearts, inspired from Alice in Wonderland. "Productions Libélula" (2015)

Fashion Show  Las Oreiros "It's all musical" (2014)


FASHION ADVERTISIN                                                                                                               Magazine Models Magazine (Manuel Pífano) Note for Micaela Gourdy (2016)

Magazine Literar Interview to Joyce Weiss Evans “The Artist of the 1000 styles”  Note by Martín Damasco (2016)

GARÇON GARCÍA femme, Campaign y web. (2016)

Indumentaria Ginger Importade Web and store. (2016)

OHLALÁ! Editorial  Magazine Anniversary – Note: “To infinity and Beyond”. (2016) 

Magazine Remix “Queen of Hearts” Remix 219 #TeamCap(2016)

Magazine Looks, Cable Visión “Zombies” With: Adrián Suar. Ph: José Cicala. (2016) 

Magazine Vogue Italy “To swim or not to swim”.(2015)

Vulkano Clothing, Campaign, Web and local. (2014) 

SWEET CAROLA, E-commerce. (2010)

FAMES Clothing, Campaign and Web. (2009)

QUEENS DRESSING ROOM, Web and Store. (2009)

Vulkano Clothing, Campaign, Web and store. (2014) 



(2015-2016) - Career Musical Theatre, ACT & Art. 

(2013- 2014) Andamio 90' Institute of Higher Education in Theatre- teacher of Acting.

(2014) -  Enerc: National School  of Experimentation and Filmmaking. Cinema, Individual and Society.  Teacher: Gabriel Guralnik. 

2012 Singing and Music in charge of Diego Mercado.

2011 The Farabute Theatre, Stand Up Comedy, Humor Monologue in charge of Emilio Tamer.