Height: 5’6” Playing age : 18-28
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black
Training: Performing arts GCSE, the reel scene acting workshop with Steve North, currently
training with Inspire Actor Studio Manchester, previously trained with David Johnson
Training Classes
THE HEN NIGHT Melissa Creative media production Lola Jagun
MIND OF A WOMAN 2 Shantell Jungle Entertainment ventures Teejay Onake
SAVAGE SATNAV Keisha Cassandra Maria productions Cassandra Maria
DRILLIN Girl in bando talentmediamatrix/direbornstudio Romano Caesar Smith

THE WIZARDS BRUCH Lady Ambrosia Viral ventures Aaron Levine
PETER PANSY Indian Cattle productions Dan Lewis
PUSS IN BOOTS Puss Say two productions Christine Appleby
DICK WHITTINGTON Dame/mayor Say two productions Christine Appleby
HAIRSPRAY Detention kid Deanery C.E Sixth form Deanery Sixth Form
MAKE THE MOST OF SUMMER Police officer rattlingstickproductions Google

Skills: Presenting, Comedian, Dancer (Street, Afro), Content creating (sketches), Video
editing, Reality Tv
Accents/Dialets: Recieved pronunciation, Standard london, Scouse, Northern Lancashire,
American, Nigerian *
Sports: Rugby, Netball, cricket, Cheerleading
Singing: Bass

Baq talent management