Since an early age, acting has been my passion. From indulging myself into complex and exciting role-play games to taking part in a musical theatre company for seven years - I have always been fascinated by taking on different characters and making them my own. 

I was involved with the theatre company: ‘West Herts Musical theatre.’ For seven years, being a part of numerous productions and talent showcases including: Hairspray, Once on this Island, Annie and Little shop of horrors, to name a few. During my time at the company, I not only built on my performance skills but I also had the opportunity to learn the importance of working as a team; adapting from the advice and ideas of others, supporting one another and contributing your own ideas to create something magical. 

Throughout my educational years, I studied Drama and English Literature and Language - achieving an A grade GCSE in both subjects. Exploring drama at school, helped me to find my voice as an actor; using my creative skills and energy to build a realistic and captivating portrayal for the audiences’ eyes. I love becoming a chameleon of different roles - making each one unique and my own. I also thoroughly enjoy creating original drama pieces and monologues - including an adaption of the book ‘Mommy Dearest’ in which I wrote with support from my classmates and performed. 

The world of Cinema and artistic production has always been something I have loved to escape into. Every time I explore a new director or actor, I take inspiration from them and could reel off many scenes that have remained in my mind and heart, for their cinematic brilliance and outstanding acting. Moreover, I am passionate and willing to explore this world even further - to learn and enjoy. 

Baq talent management