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Alessandra Marie Perdichizzi

Professional Experience:

International Arts Collective                     Choreographer         

Huawei 2k19 (2019)                        Cpgconcepts and Rose Alice

Ballet Bernasconi                          Choreographer

Inner Voyage 7 (2019)                    Laura Bernasconi and dancers

Ballet Bernasconi                        Choreographer

Inner Voyage 7 (2018)                    Laura Bernasconi and dancers

Buglisi Dance Theater                     Choreographer

Requiem (understudy 2018)                     Jacqulyn Buglisi

Owen Cox Dance Group                    Choreographer

Canned Heat (2017)                    Jennifer Owen

Fuga Tanguera(2017)                    Jennifer Owen

Three Fables (2017)                    Jennifer Owen    

Owen Cox Dance Group                    Choreographer

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (2016)                Jennifer Owen    

Owen/Cox Dance Group                    Choreographer

Vivaldi (2016)                            Jennifer Owen

Shostakovich (2016)                    Jennifer Owen

Brandenburg (2016)                    Jennifer Owen

Britten (2016)                    Jennifer Owen

Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company            Choreographer

To Have and To Hold (2016)                    Shapiro and Smith

To Each Her Own (2016)                        Paula Weber

Ferment (2016)                            Mary Pat Henry

Church of Nations (2016)                        Kevin Iaga Jeff

Esperando En Silencio (2016)                    Mary Pat Henry

Between a Crease on an Elevated Place (2016)            Kaylin Horgan

Kansas City Friends With Alvin Ailey                Choreographer

“Setting the Stage”(2016)                        Tyrone Aiken

“Setting the Stage” (2015)                        Tyrone Aiken


River North Dance Chicago (Company Apprentice)            Choreographer

Turning Tides (2015)                        Randy Duncan

Habaneras (2015)                        Frank Chaves

Cocodaco                    Choreographer

Close (2015)                            Ronn Stewart

Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company            Choreographer

Desire (2015)                            Gary Abbott

3 Play 4 Play (2015)                        DeeAnna Hiett

Passage (2014)                            DeeAnna Hiett

Like A Deer In Headlights (2014)                    Winifred Harris

Whispering Bench (2014)                        Mary Pat Henry

Heart Thieves (2014)                        Robert Moses

City (2014)                            Jennifer Muller

Never Wake a Sleepwalker (2014)                    Autumn Eckman

Back to Boch (2014)                        Eleo Pomare

Ice Fire    (2014)                            Fred Benjamin

Monfassa (2014)                            DeeAnna Hiett

Mosquito (2014)                            Ming Xu

Diversion of Angels (2012)                          Martha Graham

Conservatory Dance Performances                    Choreographer

3 Play 4 Play(2015)                                    DeeAnna Hiett

And Then There Were five (2014)                                 Sabrina Madison-Cannon

Ecafircas (2014)                                                          DeeAnna Hiett

Cheating Lying Stealing (2014)                     Gary Abbott

Blue (2014)                            Paula Weber

The Sound Below (2013)                      Engar Anido

Widows (2013)                                         Sabrina Madison-Cannon

The Relentless Question of What (2013)                Gary Abbott

Metamorphosis II (2013)                                                                                   Bernard Gaddis             

Without a Word (2012)                            DeeAnna Hiett

Sweet Chaos (2012)                             Ray Mercer

Red (2012)                             Gary Abbott


July 17th, 2015- October 2015    Company Apprentice with River North Dance Chicago.

2011-2015     University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance emphasis in Ballet and Modern training under DeeAnna Hiett,Gary Abbott, Sabrina Madison-Cannon, Ronald Tice, Paula Webber and Mary Pat Henry.

Masterclasses and workshops at UMKC with Kirven Douthit-Boyd, Edgar Enido, Devon Carney, Bernard Gaddis, Troy Powell, Joysanne Sidimus, Jamal Story, Francie Huber, Autumn Eckman and Ray Mercer.